Who are we?

A long-winded passion

Our passion for pétanque is not new. Since 1991 Patrick Neuville, BOOGLE’s creator, use pétanque as a wonderful way of communication.

Psychologist and owner of a Human Resources agency, he wanted to make pétanque a social link tool for his clients, only because he managed to settle in the locals of a Provencal village, just sharing a couple of pétanque plays.

Là où tout a commencé, en Provence
2ème petite Marseillaise à Pétanque

Adventure begins!

So, the first “Challenge Interentreprises de Pétanque” (Intercompanies pétanque challenge) was created. It was the foundation of many other events, like “Trophée de Pétanque des Personnalités et des Décideurs” (Stars and Businessmen Pétanque Trophy) that exists now for 25 years in Belgium.

There was only missing a public event to be complete. It was done by becoming the only structure to be allowed to organize a “branch” of the greatest competition in the world “Le Mondial la Marseillaise à Pétanque” that became the “La Petite Marseillaise à Pétanque“.

After pétanque for enterprises, Patrick Neuville decided to launch a “pro-am” concept, that managed to gather, during several organizations, the best players in the world and passionate amateurs through the “Trophée des As de Pétanque” that takes place every year in Liège (Belgium), Buis-les Baronnies (France), Marrakech and Agadir (Morocco).

Creation of the concept

At the end of 2018 that came the idea, a little crazy, to create that concept “BOOGLE ®” to allow, first to everyone to be able to play in summer or winter at pétanque, and eventually to give a new “smart” and “sexy” vision to that beautiful activity.

The ultimate idea was to make a modular, modern looking, inside and outside lane. It is with the help of his carpenter brother-in-law Jean-Luc Minette that the first prototype was built.

Le côté sexy de Boogle

Succes story

Success was immediate. Quickly after launch, the Belgian Football Center decided to acquire a lane and make it available to the different Belgian national teams of football that play BOOGLE ® every time they are in training.

After the first sanitary crisis, it is in the retirement homes and disabled centers that BOOGLE ® stood out, installing more than 130 pétanque lanes in Wallonia.

It was time to dedicate a whole structure to BOOGLE ® and it was done the 16th September 2020 with the creation of BOOGLE SRL.

Since its opening, even in a harsh time, BOOGLE ® grows on, insisting on quality criteria, offering a new kind of concept, and creating regularly new products.

BOOGLE ® is also a product mostly made in Belgium.

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