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Our BOOGLE® COLOR is a top of the line product, allying aluminium lightness and BOOGLE innovation in a lane that will have exactly the look you want it to have.

Our BOOGLE® COLOR uses the RAL colour palette with more than 1600 shades. Impossible to not find the one that will respect your corporate identity or even your favourite colour.

You will also have the ability to choose your finish (glossy, semi-glossy, matte or metallic or structured), that will give the final touch to your customization. 

Measurements : 8 m × 2 m

High performance synthetic Red Premium carpet, 24 mm ( 15/ 16″) high, with a latex base and woven polyethylene fibres. 

Optimal absorption of shocks, anti-UV treatment, and very high permeability, wear-free.

With 5 years warranty.

10 aluminium side boxes, factory painted with your own colour

Light and sturdy, aluminium is ready for every customization you want.

2 m × 15 cm × 15 cm.

Can be engreved with your own logo

12 soft PVC balls weighing 680 g (1½ pound), with a diameter of 72 mm (2.8″) and the logo of your choice. 

1 painted playing circle.

1 painted scoring board.

4 ball storage racks.

Please contact us for a fully customized price.

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